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Surviving the BP Oil Spill

Bringing America Together.

The spill is over, it`s about time. Many lives have been touched, and many will never be the same. It`s our aim to help you through this critical time

If you need help, we have connected with everyone from attorneys to charities, and a special group of Guy`s who have been through this before.

The leak may be over, but the after effects will be around for a long time.
We are here to help.

link to satellite imagery. Click
link to overlay map showing oil track and economic impact. Click
link to attorneys that can help
email Catholic Charities at Help Now

We have been in New Orleans putting together a Team of people who WILL be there for those affected by this disaster. We need people from all walks of life to pitch in. America it is time to roll up your sleeves, and get ready to get to work.

We have been meeting with local fisherman, shrimpers, and oystermen. These people are on the frontlines as this epic disaster unfolds. Their resilience is strong as they prepare for the battle of their lives. These are not just jobs at risk here but a way of life that dates back generations.

The guys from Deadliest Catch have been meeting with locals here, These guys care.
They have been letting people them what to expect. These guys know what it`s like to go through an oil spill. They are 110% behind the people here and they look forward to hearing from you. You can email them

We Wish to Give our Condolences to the Family of Phil Harris and the Guys

If you would like to adopt families that have been affected by the Spill, we will put you in contact with then directly, or if you like, we will be your go between. We have been contacted by many who need help, and could always use more who can give it.

We have connected with people who want to help you, and can give you guidance based on their experience, strength and wisdom…Let Them.
We will help you.

Feel Free to contact Us:
Bill Bohack