The Cast

Jay and Jacob….

You Guys are awesome, thanks for everything, we still have much to do. I am thrilled to have you two along, and the folks you bring with you.

Erin Brockovich..
I met with Erin shortly after the Spill, she has been instrumental with guiding us in many areas of this current undertaking. Erin`s passion for people and watching her in action in New Orleans truly energized me, and the people around me. Erin you are awesome, and thank you for everything. The movie doesn`t do you justice.

Justin Bloom…
Justin had been working with Erin from the beginning, and we are honored that since our first meeting, he has never stopped working with Us. Justin is one of the top flight Environmental Attorneys in the Country. Justin`s guidance to help Us create alliances with some of our nations top firms, has been paramount in our achieving our goals.

Weitz & Luxenberg...
Perhaps our nations premiere Law Firm, when it comes to protecting peoples rights, based in N.Y.C, they handle many Business`s and Individuals claims. Robin Greenwald and Angel Hertslet`s passion for the people, was evident from our first meeting. The brief time I spent with Arthur Luxenberg was inspiring to say the least.

Brent Coon and Associates
Brent was the lead Attorney for BP`s Texas City Explosion. BCA has more documentation regarding BP and their sfaety pracitces then perhaps any Firm in America.
I found Jay Jackson of B.C.A. to be a wealth of information and guidance during critical times, Thank you Jay for everything.

Deadliest Catch Guys…
On my way to meet Erin in New Orleans, I kept on thinking of a friend of mine, Captain John Hillstrand of the Time Bandit. I had met John a few years back in Sarasota, and thought how wonderful it would be to get him involved, but had lost his number. On my third day in New Orleans, I turned around and there was his brother Andy. It is one of those moments in life where you just know you are so on the right path, and there are forces at work for you..It was and is a wow moment in my life.The whole cast from Deadliest Catch were in town filming After the Catch, and Johnathan and Andy helped get all the Guys involved, they have offered advice and support to many of the fishermen that have been affected by the Spill. A special Shout Out to everybody`s favorite Deadliest Deckhand Travis Lofland and his support for our cause as well.

Our Team

Max Burkhardt
Max`s tireless work updating and creating websites has been nothing sort of extraordinary. I am proud to have Max on our Team

Carole  and Jessica
Carole you are our everything, none of this would have been possible without you and Jessica. Thank you both for helping me raise a beautiful daughter, most of all thank you for being you.

Hunter and Zac..
This was all for you two, by the time you grow up this will be but a memory, and you will be able to fish and swim off Grand Isle, and BP will have been held accountable.

My name is Bill Bohack and I am just blessed to have the most wonderful group of people around me, so we could pull all this off, and help over 7,000 people at this most critical time.

To My Beloved Wife Robyn
I Miss you very Much
Thanks for being one of our Angels
I Love You
Always Have and Always Will
All in as Usual

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